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As systems thinkers, you won't be surprised to hear that we see our workplace as a complex system, with many interrelated parts and programs that impact our results. Likewise, we understand that a workplace can be more than just a 'job'. We understand that for you to thrive and achieve your full potential, there are many interrelated aspects that you need from an employer, so we offer a broad range of benefits and a high level of flexibility.

We understand that to do your best work, you need to know how your work contributes to the company's vision. At Shoal, we take the entire team to inspiring places and take the time to explain the strategy, engage in technical and professional development, learn about the future of our profession and strengthen team bonds at our week-long annual retreat.

We understand that how we deliver is just as important as what we deliver. As Shoalers, we value boldness, self-awareness, professionalism, creativity and sociability. These values don't just evolve by accident, but are developed through frameworks to support and develop our people.

Shoalers enjoy a very flexible, family-friendly, hobby friendly work environment. We understand that work and life don't happen in isolation and that sometimes you need to be present in one area more than the other. We don't consider this an employee 'benefit', it's about being able to perform in and enjoy all areas of your life, work is but one of those areas.

We have coined a new term - Shocial. It's what happens when our people, their partners and the kids come together for Board Games night, the family Christmas party and social volleyball. For us, Shocial explains how we actually enjoy spending time with the people we work with…we choose to go out for dinner or have a drink on a weekend with the people we work with. And, the Mario Kart competition is fierce!

Recruitment Process

Interns at Shoal

We undertake a competitive selection process, challenging students to team up with a partner to pitch their ideas in a video application. The video must address the internship question (to be released when applications open – refer to 'Key dates'). Your video can be filmed on your phone, must be no longer than 60 seconds and use very minimal edits (we want to focus on your response, not editing skills).

Alongside the video, you will also need to submit your Curricula Vitae (CV), and a one-page cover letter that introduces each partner and your complimentary skill set as a team. Feel free to prepare these elements of your application prior to the release of our question.

If you have registered with us using the form above, you will be emailed our internship question when it is released. You will have four days to prepare your pitch and submit it via this web page.

Applicants must be a team of two people. Each team member must be undertaking an engineering or maths degree at an Australian university and have completed, or currently undertaking, their penultimate year. You do not need to be eligible for a defence security clearance, however, you do need to inform us of your Australian residency or visa status in your CV. Students are invited to apply from all around Australia but will have to be willing to make the move to Adelaide as the internship will be based in the Adelaide Office. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in person, or via video conference.

It is our preference that interns are based at our Head Office in Adelaide in order to receive effective mentoring and support from our engineers and leadership. However, Shoal is well-practiced in remote working and can be flexible on this requirement should travel restrictions be in effect at the commencement of the internship.

It is Shoal's preference to take on a team of two (2) interns. This provides a good opportunity for teammates to support each other through the internship program. If you can't find anyone to apply with, consider ways in which to tap into other individuals facing a similar situation. One of Shoal's values is 'Creative' – consider how you could be 'creative' with respect to partnering with other interested parties to apply for the internship.

Remuneration & Career Growth

Our intern program is a 12-week paid program. An approximate wage of $25 per hour plus superannuation will be paid to each member of the successful team to compensate them for their contribution to Shoal. Over the nominal time of the internship of 12 weeks, and 38 hours per week this would equate to remuneration of around $11,400 per person. Noting, we will be flexible on start and finish times to ensure we find the right team, and hence this total remuneration is an approximation.

During the internship, you can expect to be partnered with two junior Systems Engineers, with overall guidance from a Senior Engineer who will provide advice on your internship project. Working as part of Shoal's collaborative culture, you will also enjoy the opportunity to participate in company all-in meetings, Engineering Knowledge Sharing sessions, Sector Team Meetings and have access to other Engineering professionals and leads, including Shoal's Chief Engineer.

In addition, you will undertake a comprehensive induction upon commencement, which will help you get up to speed with how things are done at Shoal, so you can focus on your project.

Shoal takes its internship seriously and commits to ensuring its interns are provided with every opportunity to learn and enjoy the Shoal culture.

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Engineers Australia Virtual Elevation 2021 - Shoal Group

Engineers Australia Virtual Elevation 2021 - Shoal Group

Engineers Australia Virtual Elevation 2021 - Shoal Group

Engineers Australia Virtual Elevation 2021 - Shoal Group