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Working Hours at ANZ

7.4 rating for Working Hours, based on 7 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
I think this varies on which department you are in - being in finance, work hours can be long but on some days you do finish on time (around 5 p.m.) The company is flexible but again it does depend on your team too - people feel more compelled to stay back if their team is also doing the same thing and if the line manager doesn't say anything about guidelines on when you can leave.
Graduate, Melbourne
Despite the stereotype of a traditional 9-5, ANZ has been very flexible with hours, particularly in understanding study commitments.
Graduate, Burnie, Tasmania
Flexible and accommodating.
Graduate, Sydney
I work 9-5. Company is very flexible with my hours, several times I have either finished early or started late to attend medical appointments and so long as I make up the time on another day and get all my work done, no one bats an eyelid
Graduate, Sydney
Very standard work hours can work 8:30 - 5 comfortable with the occasional late night
Graduate, Sydney
Generally work 8.45am-6.00pm. Very flexible in terms of hours and flexible working arrangements, i.e. working from home.
Graduate, Melbourne